Kidsville Early Learning Center

                    Learn, Share, Laugh, Grow 

Our preschool classroom is taught by a excellent teacher, KVELC has created a preschool classroom that is the perfect environment for investigation and exploration. The students in preschool are challenged to be curious thinkers. KVELC Staff does a  wonderful job of creating an environment of open-ended activities that spark a child's imagination and helps to develop their problem-solving and language skills.
  • Can listen to an entire story being read aloud
  • Can retell simple short familiar stories   
  • Can use pictures to describe and predict stories and information in books 
  • Can distinguish pictures from letters and words in text  
  • Can distinguish between sounds that are the same and different 
  • Can recognize name in environmental print
  • Can name most letters of the alphabet
  • Can produce sounds of the alphabet 
  • Can use a three-finger grasp to hold a writing tool 
  • Can print some letters of name correctly  
  • Can demonstrate correct letter formation of some letters in own writing  
  • Can “read” what child has written 
  • Can use drawing, dictating and emergent writing to create a variety of text 
  • Can solve addition word problems using objects within 10
  • Can solve subtraction word problems using objects within 10 
  • Can count to 15 by ones
  • Can count on from any number within 15
  • Can identify numerals zero to nine                                                     
  • Can write numerals zero to five
  • Can count to tell how many objects are in a group up to 10
  • Can compare groups of objects, telling which group is greater than, less than or equal to a group
  • Can sort objects into given groups
  • Can identify and give attributes of a circle, square, rectangle and triangle
  • Can understand positional words (under, on, in, up, down)
  • Can combine simple shapes to form larger shapes