Kidsville Early Learning Center

                    Learn, Share, Laugh, Grow 

Our unique approach to infant care is organized around the idea that during the first year and half of life a child needs to form healthy attachments with their primary care givers in order to establish a sense of security. Our lead infant teachers,  work as a team to provide individualized infant care. The programs run together but  separately in two rooms the goal is to create a "one classroom" feel where both caretakers provide care for all the children. Both teachers are full of love and are dedicated to creating environments that meets the physical, emotional, and social needs of the babies in their care. You will often find the infant teachers reading, singing, and talking with each baby. Our low ratios allows the teachers to form meaningful bonds with the child as they partner with each family in creating the perfect start for each infant. 


• Can differentiate responses to familiar and unfamiliar people, events and objects
• Can mirror simple actions 
• Can anticipate next steps in simple familiar routines and games 
• Can explore real objects, people and actions 
• Can actively use body to find out about the world 
• Can explore properties of objects
• Can use simple actions to make things happen 
• Can examine objects with mouth, hands and tongue 
• Can respond to language and sound
• Can express wants, needs and feelings with intentional sound inflection and gestures 
• Can show an interest in books, pictures, songs and rhymes 
• Can respond when familiar books are read aloud 
• Can vocalize sounds 
• Can transfer and manipulate an object with hands
• Can explore the use of a sippy cup 
• Can explore soft KVELC foods (with parent approval) 
• Can crawl
• Can pull to standing with or without help 
• Can find a toy that is hidden 
• Can respond to his name