Kidsville Early Learning Center

                    Learn, Share, Laugh, Grow 

Kidsville Early Learning Center has a different approach to learning. The heart of our curriculum is centered on the fact that each little mind is a unique individual. Each child has a specific set of talents, interests and strengths.  Each classroom has a set of well-defined goals or what we like to call “I CAN Statements.” These statements are aligned with Louisiana's Early Learning Standards.

Our experienced teachers have the freedom to be creative and to follow the lead of the students in the classroom. The teachers create activities, lessons, and experiences that intrigue and capture the hearts of our little minds. They adapt lessons to meet the needs of the students within their classrooms and use the student’s interests to facilitate learning. We believe that learning at such a young age happens when a child feels safe and secure and with security comes confidence in taking a chance to explore the world around them. 

The KVELC “I CAN Statements” are available to all of our parents. These statements are a guide for teachers to use when creating lessons, projects,  and activities for the children to explore. The statements are a combination of developmental and educational standards and it is our goal to create an enriching environment that exposes the children to all of these skills.  
Assessment is also part of our curriculum. The heart of assessment comes from being a keen observer. Teachers listen and document the children on a daily basis. The photos, notes, and videos they capture each day become the framework for lesson planning.
When a child is ready to transition to a new classroom many factors are considered. We look at the whole-child and use our documentation as the primary source of deciding when a child is ready to move onto the next classroom. Teachers will then schedule a conference with parents to discuss any areas of concern or answer any questions about the child's next stage of development.
Kidsville Early Learning Center understands that your child’s education starts the day they are born. Children are natural born researchers and as early childhood educators it is our mission to embrace and encourage their curiosity. Our emerging curriculum allows us to follow your child's lead and build an excitement for learning!  We consider our students part of our KVELC family, and we are honored that you would entrust your child in our care. Our promise to you is that we will strive each day to create an environment that each child will thrive in physically, emotionally, developmentally, and academically.