Kidsville Early Learning Center

                    Learn, Share, Laugh, Grow 

Welcome to Kidsville Early Learning Center. KVELC is an independent, family-owned child-care experience unlike any other. We are a cozy home away from home where learning blooms and where children become a part of our family!

Our philosophy is rooted in the commit to striving for and maintaining outstanding exemplary program standards. KVELC will pursue this commitment by providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum, which meets the developing social, emotional, creative and physical needs of each child by using an integrated approach. Our Center will promote positive feelings of self-worth by emphasizing a peaceful environment. We will guide children to develop skills necessary to learn, live together, to negotiate conflicts and become culturally sensitive. Each child comes to us with a unique personality and potential for growth. KVELC develops trust with a caring attitude which, combined with professional expertise, allows us to understand each child's stage of development.

Learn more about our commitment to provide outstanding childcare services contact us at 225.421.1575.